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MARJORIE WEISS grew up in New York and studied art at the State University at Buffalo which at the time was a vigorous center for contemporary art and music attracting many writers, poets, musicians and avant-garde artists. In this lively environment she began to work with photographs, painting large-scale pieces that were the beginning of her interest in memory and reminiscence. Influenced by the Photorealists, she painted a series of family portraits that were projected onto large canvasses and exhibited at the Hampshire College Gallery in her first solo show. In her subsequent work she began to focus on enigma and enigmatic forms, adding a sense of mystery and ambiguity and posing questions about the spatial and visual realities of dimension. These paintings evolved into the "Chestertown Series", painted over a period of ten years and exhibited in galleries throughout the United States as well two one-person shows in Germany. 

NIGHT LIVES continues to demonstrate her interest in memory, time and enigma. Working digitally in Photoshop, she approaches this work with a painter's perspective using the technology to combine the enigmatic simplicity of her images with the dimensional ambiguity of the landscape. Within the panoramic format she creates a "snapshot" using photographic and cinematic formalisms to suggest an alliance of memory, space and time.


MARJORIE WEISS has lived and worked in New York City for most of her career and now resides in the Hudson Valley.

SELECTED EXHIBITIONS SOLO Marmara-Manhattan Gallery, NYC; MultiArt International, Cologne, Germany; Bonn Biennale, Bonn, Germany; Pallas GmbH Gallery, Bonn, Germany; Hampshire College Gallery, Amherst, MA; ArtsCetera Gallery, Brooklyn, NY.


SELECTED EXHIBITIONS GROUP DotFiftyOne Art Space, Art Basil Miami; Parrish Art Museum, Southampton, NY; Herter Gallery, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA; Multiple Memorials, Public Art Project, NYC; The Jar Project, Williamsburg, Brooklyn; MMC Gallery, Marymount Manhattan College, NYC; Contemporary Museum of Art, Baltimore, MD; Aldrich Museum of Contemporary Art, Ridgefield, CT; Rotunda Gallery Brooklyn NY; Heckscher Museum of Art, Long Island, NY.


SELECTED COLLECTIONS Schwartz Art Collection, Harvard Business School, Cambridge, MA; Intuit, Inc., Mountain View, CA; St. John's University, Queens, NY; Euraart-Marketing, Cologne, Germany; Pallas GmbH, Bonn, Germany; Multi-Art International, Cologne, Germany; Hebrew Home Art Collection, Riverdale, NY; Washington Square Management Corporation, New York, NY.

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